Password Recovery Bundle 2012

Password Recovery Bundle 2012

It is a handy toolkit to recover all your lost or forgotten passwords
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Password Recovery Bundle 2010 is a program that can recover lost or forgotten passwords.
If you cannot access to your instant messenger, e-mail account, personal site, FTP account, or you lost the serial number of a program installed in your computer, you can use this program to recover it. It will look in those places where your system stores that type of information (usually encrypted), will decrypt it, and then will show you the list of the passwords it has found. This way, you will regain access to your accounts and sites.

This program can only find out passwords that you have used at least once in the computer where you are running it, provided that you did not erase that information or formatted your hard disk. However, it can recover Product Keys from other hard disks with booting problems. You can also retrieve passwords from an Access, PowerPoint, or Reach-a-mail file.

The trial version of Password Recovery Bundle will not show you any password. However, to verify that the program works, it will say you how many letters the password you are looking for contains. While testing the program for this review, every guess was perfect.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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